Divun Delport

So, we were in the market to buy our First Home in NZ,

one of those things so many Kiwis’ wish they could do.

Us being not so different we were quite optimistic at first and very hopeful to purchase our first home. Our optimism was quickly crushed when we went into the bank only to hear those 3 dreaded words so many of us have encountered : ***20% DEPOSIT REQUIRED***, we were honestly crushed and thought oh well this is it, we will have to come to terms with the fact that we may never own a home in this beautiful country we now call Home. I then heard through a work colleague of a guy who helps people with little or no deposit in finding a bank or loan that would facilitate our application, me being me I gave it one more crack and met with Rod who informed me of the slight chance of this going through. He was honest and professional and most importantly PRECISE, we weren’t going to be one of those quick open and shut cases with a 20% deposit which probably would have been an easier option for him. But rather than accepting defeat and taking in a much easier case, Rod promised us that if we filled out everything as best we can and were honest and precise in our application, that he would give it his undivided attention and make sure that he pursues every possible option in making this dream of ours a reality. Once again I stress the odds were heavily against us, we had only 10% deposit, our passports only stated residency status and not permanent residency as required by all banks, most of our funds were still overseas, and we had little or no assets of any worth. The bank that initially turned us down seemed to be the only bank prepared to even look at our application, in the end, we were advised by friends and family that it would be highly unlikely for the bank to invest in such a risky application, but Rod did what he does best, and studied and planned our application until he came up with the best approach and somehow made the application more attractive/feasible to the bank.

I will never forget the day Rod called me regarding the final outcome of our application, as I had been waiting for the phone call all day, I answered and noticed straight away by his tone in his voice that this was not going to be good news, And expected the worse, I find out later that he actually changed his mind halfway through our conversation, that he was going to joke with me, telling me that we didn’t actually get approval and surprise me later through the phone call but he later confesses he couldn’t actually go through with it, and when he finally said those words : ” You got it” – I cried like I had never cried before, so much so that people walking past my car were stopping, staring asking me if i was OK, I was overwhelmed with emotions and so happy that I could barely talk to him, I think Rod was caught off guard by this and didn’t expect this reaction from me but eventually realized what this meant for us. The bank then requested all our financials etc and the rest fell into place as he said it would. I sit here now in front of my fireplace writing about my life-altering experience with Rod Schubert in the house that I know own, with a smile on face and pure happiness in my heart. This all thanks to the man with more integrity and passion for what he does than most, he is one of the most professional advisers I have come across, and I will talk about this overwhelming heartfelt experience what he did for us till I breathe my last breath.
You, sir, are a professional and a gentleman in more ways than one!