Yvonne & Peter Davies

We met Rod Schubert when we were seeking finance

for our first home, having migrated from South Africa.

As relatively new immigrants, we were keen to own a home in New Zealand as had planned to migrate here permanently and start a new life. Long story short we could not have obtained finance if our paths had not collided with Rod. In fact, we may not have been able to purchase which is a scary thought, in retrospect. We had less than a 20% deposit, at a time during the global credit crisis where it was nearly impossible to obtain finance with such a deposit. We are aware Rod ‘fought for us’ with his credit department and believed in us most importantly; I think this is what really helped secure the final result – a house. I think there were too many hours to count, in terms of the effort that went into the finance approval. We now look back several years ago, having purchased a beautiful new home with a cattery, owning a rental property in addition to this home, and are happy we found a lifelong financial relationship in Rod.

To note, we found Rod had started his own brokering company, Rod Schubert Financial Advice when we purchased the cattery recently. We were searching for him when he had left Kiwibank and were disappointed we could not locate him, but now understand he had taken a break from finance for a year. When we reconnected it was like old times! He sorted out the finance again (which went through a bit easier on this occasion with far more than a 20% deposit) and also provided advice around life insurances we had not received prior. As we were doing our finance with him he packaged up a deal and cut his commission for the insurance work. This provided us a large discount on life insurance saving us nearly $1000 in the first year, and more as we age.

We would recommend Rod to anyone wanting a financial adviser that is easy to deal with and will put his client first, each and every time.