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How your KiwiSaver money is invested is fundamental to how much it can benefit your lifestyle in retirement. Take the test below to take control of your KiwiSaver and see which of the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme fund’s are likely to suit you.

Please note the following:

  • The longer you have until you plan to use your KiwiSaver, the higher risk (i.e. exposure to more growth assets) you can consider taking.
  • If you are planning to buy your first home or nearing retirement in the next three years you should consider the Conservative Fund.
  • It is possible to split your savings across multiple funds to customise your risk tolerance.
  • The risk profiler tool is a guide only and not a personalised financial adviser service. It does not consider details of your personal financial situation or goals. It also does not compare the funds offered by the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme with the funds or any associated benefits offered by your current provider.
  • Rod Schubert of RSFA is able to provide advice and information on KiwiSaver generally and the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme.
  • Generate Investment Management Limited is the issuer of the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme. A copy of the product disclosure statement is available at www.generatekiwisaver.co.nz
  • Past performance of the funds is not a reliable indicator of future performance.