About Me

Cameron Sinclair

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Born and raised in Central Auckland, I attended Mount Albert Grammar School and was a prefect, and 1st 11 captain in my final year there. I excelled in the math and economics classes in high school and carried that into my tertiary education. Securing a football scholarship to a University in the USA, I studied and played my sport for 4 years, gaining an Indiana University degree in Finance with a minor in economics, graduating with an A average GPA. After University I worked in a large credit union for 1 year before coming back to New Zealand.

Since beginning my financial advising career I have learned many things, and am excited to pass this knowledge on to my clients. My ultimate aim is securing the best and more suitable finance terms, along with providing sound advice with the backing and support of an experienced company director in Rod Schubert who has 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Whilst I am set up to assist with all residential lending matters, whether that be main or non-bank, I have a special interest in first home buyers where I will spend the time required to ensure the best possible client experience, and work with you from the start right until the end, and beyond.

We have recently formally contracted with a company that offers first home buyers an amazing online tool/app to help make the journey that much easier and a materially positive difference during the process, which can be quite overwhelming. Please ask me about this and we will get straight to a plan where I will provide as much support as required.