About Me


J-P as everyone calls him has been involved in financial services for 20 years, across most disciplines with a specialty in life insurance.

Having been involved in all aspects of life insurance, J-P understands the nuances and details that make planning for clients bespoke and specific to them. Which means it works when it needs to. That doesn’t mean more expensive, at the same time it does mean many people need to consider their budget for this more closely than they otherwise would have.
Being one of the advisers involved in the regulatory review of the industry more recently, J-P is at the forefront of life insurance advice for clients. Having contributed to the changes and been one of the first to acquire his **transitional licence, J-P is well ahead of the game to help our clients.
J-P’s regular contact with the Financial Markets Authority and contributions to the financial services Code of Conduct mean what you will see from J-P is appropriate for you and is meeting and exceeding regulator requirements. Additionally, J-P also writes an adviser focused insurance column for Good Returns, the news service for the industry,
J-P holds agencies with every insurance provider that works with advisers, which gives you a level of market access many other advisers don’t have. J-P’s core product support for us covers Life, Trauma, Income & Mortgage Disability, and Medical Insurance Covers, as well as ACC structuring for our self-employed and business clients. On the other side, J-P is active in supporting clients through claims of both insurance and ACC as is required.

**JP Hale operates under the Willowgrove Consulting FAP license and business structure and works within RSFA as an insurance specalist, via an interposed person/entity relationship.