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Health and the Continuum of Time


If you need medical treatment, specialist treatment and/or tests, or elective surgical treatment.


To enable prompt quality care, whilst enabling ease of recovery

Only private health insurance can give you that assurance. Health cover provides greater choice and more immediate attention (the difference can be astronomical) when you need hospital care or surgery.


We can source cover than can cover all pre-existing conditions, of many pre-existing conditions in other cases. We also highly recommend cover in typical terms that incorporates non-pharmac approved drugs, to ensure our clients can receive the best options available for their treatment and recovery.

Income Cover

This cover provides replacement income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.


Safeguards your “biggest asset”, your ability to earn an income, preserving your financial wellbeing from possible financial devastation.

We recommend clients consider a starting point of several months without most of their net income available. This is a scary thought.

Many often confuse mortgage and income protection, and although there are some differences including the lack of offsets regarding quality mortgage protection cover, the threshold to meet a claim is generally the same.


Trauma cover responds to serious illnesses by offering a lump sum payment.


Helps with additional financial relief at a time when you most need it.

The most common claims are cancer, heart attack or stroke. These events can be life changing, and the impact can be more devastating without the financial resources to help mitigate what is naturally an unnerving and challenging period.


Provides a lump sum payment in the event of total and permanent disablement caused by accident or illness.


To help you survive financially for the rest of your life.

Clients typically pay off their mortgage, obtain the best medical care, improving access to your home and/or workplace, or ensuring your business survives, to name a few common uses.


Pays a lump sum or a monthly income to the owner of the policy (eg – a family member), if you pass away, or are terminally ill.


So your family are looked after.

Life Insurance


What’s the first thing you think of insuring when you have a house, and probably a mortgage? The house right? Even the contents in the house. How about insuring ‘you’? The risk is mitigated with personal and/or business risk insurance (life, trauma, mortgage repayment/income protection insurance and so on).

As a whole, New Zealanders are underinsured. The old adage of “she will be right”, could simply be deemed another term for denial, or under acknowledging the true meaning of insurance. To put it simply, if we are to protect our assets and family, we can either self-insure, or buy suitable insurance. Most people do not have the ability to self-insure therefore the only sensible option is to rely on an insurance company to pay out, should things go wrong. Once it’s too late, it’s too late.

RSFA 4 Step Process

Step 1 – Identify your insurance objectives via a needs analysis
Step 2 – Prepare a personalised statement of advice once your needs are established, and discuss with you
Step 3 – Once you are satisfied we will implement your Protection Plan (RSFA assists with the application form and liaising with the insurer to achieve the best-underwritten terms)
Step 4 – Provide ongoing service by way of annual reviews (there may be a need to review in-between times)


As the statistics purport, you are far more likely to suffer an illness that disables you, or worse, than you are an injury that causes the same devastation.
How would you or your family cope if that something happened to you? By the time you need it, it’s too late. That is what insurance is: peace of mind that relevant insurance will be there to protect you when you need it the most. Just like you hope your house won’t burn down, and a claim needing to be made, the same is true when it comes to risk insurance.


*note as per the above statistics you are more likely to suffer disablement or death from an illness that an injury; there is a way to reduce your ACC cover in favour of purchasing private insurance. RSFA can explain the benefits and risks of doing so as part of our advice process.

Fire and General Insurances

If you would like competitive general insurance quotes and cover options explained, then I can refer you to a general insurance specialist. As part of the process, I will co-ordinate the interaction with this niche team I work with, so as to provide personalised service.

RSFA can assist with brokering the following:

For Personal:

For Business:


It’s an important question, and getting this amount wrong could have major financial consquences. You may wish to try the Cordell calculator to start with.

You could also have a QS (quantity surveyor) visit your home and provide a report for insurance purposes use. I can recommend a QS if required.