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About Me

Rod Schubert

“I look forward to forming a long-term relationship, where I can be your ‘one-stop financial shop’ or we can work together on just part of your financial needs”

Don’t you hate it these days when you are not getting the ‘service’ you desire? What is service? It can mean different things to different people. What I guarantee is I’m a determined individual and passionate about doing the best to help my client. Seems simple, but it can get quite complex; especially dealing with too many people and sometimes they are saying different things. I try and take away some of that pain at least and provide advice once I get to know what your needs are. Sounds a little cliché, but that’s a big part of it. I’m essentially your advocate and I work for you. I do not charge fees when brokering main bank lending as I receive commission (that’s the only way I’m paid by the banks). Therefore, you get my expertise for free.

Let’s talk turkey

As you will read on this site, I can also assist with life (risk) and general insurances, as well as new or transferring of kiwisaver schemes. I offer decent discounts on life (risk) insurance if you settle your home lending through me; a regime you will struggle to find elsewhere (if not impossible). Without overstating it, this can save you $10,000s if not more over the lifetime of your policy. I can discuss this on our initial phone call how you can benefit from my ‘one-stop financial shop’ approach.
Terms and conditions apply which will be outlined in my scope of engagement.

So, a bit about me...

I was born and raised in South Auckland and then slowly moved further north, but only to the point of sunny Whangaparaoa.

My background is in finance and I’ve worked for two major banks (BNZ and Kiwibank). During my earlier years, I did some other ‘stuff’ like being a personal trainer and teaching English in China. My passion has always been numbers and numbers in general. That will never change, I’m sure. I have owned and sold several properties and have learned a lot about property by just being involved in it. My father and brother are builders by trade but I didn’t take an interest in construction. I’d much rather help people buy property and arrange finance.


I spend most of my working time operating Rod Schubert Financial Advice but have two other companies I own with my wife, which are Natural Medicine based businesses. Please feel free to check these out: www.drkathleen.co.nz and www.liporevolution.co.nz

Dr Kathleen – helping people regain
health & balance in their lives. Naturally.

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