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Rod Schubert

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“I look forward to forming a long-term relationship, where I can be your ‘one-stop financial shop’ or we can work together on just part of your financial needs”

Don’t you hate it these days when you are not getting the ‘service’ you desire? What is service? It can mean different things to different people. What I guarantee is I’m a determined individual and passionate about doing the best to help my client. Seems simple, but it can get quite complex; especially dealing with too many people and sometimes they are saying different things. I try and take away some of that pain at least and provide advice once I get to know what your needs are. Sounds a little cliché, but that’s a big part of it. I’m essentially your advocate and I work for you. I do not charge fees when advising on main bank lending as I receive commission payments for successful loan settlements. Therefore, you get my expertise for free.

As you will read on this site, I can also assist with life (risk), KiwiSaver, and provide direction with general insurances, as well. I can discuss within our initial phone call how you may benefit from my ‘one-stop financial shop’ approach. I aim to add value wherever I can and right from the outset with my clients through straightforward, transparent advice. I like to use the analogy with my clients I am seeking to benchmark advice as if you were my brother or sister.

I have a full-time loan writer and my right-hand support, Paul Templeton who worked for BNZ previous to joining us, along with Operations Manager Sapphire McGill, who we commonly refer to as “Super Sass”. We also have a contracted servicing adviser JP Hale (of Willowgrove Consulting) that works extremely hard and go the extra mile to service and support our clients in the risk insurance space. We also have a growing team with Cam Sinclair (Auckland-based) joining us in 2020, who has a special interest in helping first home buyers however equipped to handle all residential finance scenarios, and Anne Balila our recent recruit this year (Christchurch-based) has a strong network within the Wellington and Christchurch Filipino community, and her attention to detail and pragmatism in her work, and already key attributes of her early success. Although my team lives in different cities, we are all able to assist clients anywhere in NZ and beyond.

So, a bit about me...

I was born and raised in South Auckland and then slowly moved further north, however only to the point of sunny Whangaparāoa. I now operate remotely from Queenstown, which is no barrier to assisting clients. Most of my clients are based in Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga where I can capably assist you wherever you may be based. When unpacked a little, not a huge surprise, I seem to get more done for my clients now as I am not stuck in Auckland traffic for a few hours a day getting from one meeting to the next!

My background is in finance and I’ve worked for two major banks (BNZ and Kiwibank), and have been operating my advisory since 2016. During my earlier years, I did some other stuff like being a personal trainer and teaching English in China. My passion has always been numbers and numbers in general. That will never change, I’m sure. I have owned and sold several properties, been involved in major renovations, and have learned a lot about property by just being involved in it – let alone seeing simple to extremely complex finance scenarios landing on my desk daily. My father and brother are builders by trade but I didn’t take an interest in construction. I’d much rather help people by advising on the finance element of property while being able to identify many and varied aspects that I hope you will find of value during our time together.

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