Kiwis Kickstarting: 4 Reasons Why New Zealand’s Economy Is on the Rise

As a small island nation in the Pacific, New Zealand may not have the same economic clout as some of the world’s superpowers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t making waves. In fact, in recent years, New Zealand’s economy has been showing some serious signs of improvement. From booming exports to infrastructure investment, a diversified economy, and a favorable business environment, there are plenty of reasons why New Zealand’s economy is starting to look more positive.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at these factors and explore why New Zealand is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

1. Strong exports

New Zealand’s exports have been performing well in recent years, particularly in the agricultural sector. The country’s reputation for producing high-quality dairy products and meat has helped to secure lucrative trade deals with countries such as China and Japan. In 2020, New Zealand’s total exports were worth NZD $82.3 billion, with dairy products alone accounting for NZD $16.2 billion.

This increase in demand for exports has provided a much-needed boost to the economy.

2. Infrastructure investment

The New Zealand government has been investing heavily in infrastructure, with a focus on building more affordable housing and improving transport links. One notable project is the Auckland Light Rail, a proposed light rail system in New Zealand’s largest city that aims to improve public transportation and reduce traffic congestion.

The government’s plan to invest $42 billion in infrastructure over the next five years is expected to generate further economic growth.

3. Diversified economy

While New Zealand’s economy has traditionally been dominated by agriculture, the country has been making efforts to diversify its economy. The government has been promoting the development of new industries, such as technology and tourism. The rise of the technology sector, in particular, has been a significant contributor to economic growth in recent years.

According to a report by NZTech, the country’s tech sector grew by 11% in 2020 and generated NZD $12.7 billion in revenue.

4. Favourable business environment

New Zealand has consistently ranked highly in global surveys of business-friendly countries. The country’s stable political climate, transparent legal system, and low levels of corruption have made it an attractive destination for foreign investment. The government has also introduced policies to make it easier for businesses to operate, such as reducing bureaucracy and streamlining the regulatory process.

For example, the government has introduced the “Investor Visa,” which grants residency to investors who contribute at least NZD $10 million to the country’s economy.

In short, New Zealand’s economy is ready to soar to new heights, thanks to a recipe of success that includes robust exports, visionary infrastructure investments, a diverse economic landscape, and a business environment that’s primed for growth. Despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, these upward trends suggest that New Zealand’s economic future is looking brighter than ever. Get ready to see the Kiwis (that is, the people of New Zealand) take flight!

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