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Couple on couch discussing creating wealth from their home equity.

How to Use the Equity in Your Home to Create Wealth

When homeowners think about using their equity to create wealth, the usual thought is to use the equity in their current home to buy a...
Paper with 'Estate Planning' written on it.

What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

Have you thought that you really should get your Will done, but for one reason or another haven’t got around to it, or thought there...
Couple ready to sell their home.

How to Pick the Right Moment to Sell Your House

Ready to put your house up for sale? Getting the timing right is paramount. While there’s no such thing as ‘the perfect time’ for selling...
Piggy bank with fixed, floating or split loan.

Fixed, Floating or Split Rate Loans? Here’s Some Food for Thought

Getting a home loan is a big commitment, and this of course involves choosing an interest rate that suits your needs. The following tips are...
Don't set and forget your insurance.

Don’t Set and Forget Your Insurance

Making your insurance work for you isn’t just about signing on the dotted line. It can be all too easy to ‘set-and-forget’ your insurance unless...