Am I able to negotiate a better deal with my existing bank or a new one?

As I work for you (and not the bank) my ambition is always to secure you the best terms possible, from your existing bank, or my switching.

Wouldn't the bank be able to offer us a better deal if we go direct instead of using an adviser?

It is not unusual to think that as banks pay advisers (aka brokers), that they can afford to offer you a better deal if you approach them directly – however this is not the case. I am dealing with the negotiation of interest rates and incentives on a regular basis and therefore know what represents ‘a good deal’, on any one day.

You’re a sole operator – aren’t I best to go to one of the ‘bigger firms’?

I would regard myself as a niche firm as I’m a sole operator that focuses on personal service and high-level accuracy. One of the reasons I can attempt to achieve this is I do my own paperwork and have full control over at least what is happening on my end. It leaves you not needing to be ‘passed on’. I’m typically quick with responding to phone calls and emails and communicate as clearly as possible what is happening during the process.

Is there a fee for your service?

In most cases no, as I’m paid by the bank, however if you don’t qualify for mainstream lending and I arrange finance from a second-tier lender a fee will be charged (this is included in the loan amount and only paid upon drawdown of the loan). We would discuss this before proceeding to a second-tier lender scenario.

Are you experienced at providing financial advice?

I have worked in finance most of my working life. In fact, I’m coming on two decades of being in the industry. My passion is around numbers and solutions, considering your individual requirements and providing a logical no-nonsense approach to assisting you. I can offer mortgage, car finance, personal risk insurance (life insurance, mortgage protection etc), fire and general insurance (home, contents and car and more) and kiwisaver advice.

Do you offer ‘packages’?

Yes, I do. As you will read in the ‘About Me’ section that I can discount your insurance premiums if you are taking a mortgage through Rod Schubert Financial Advice (subject to conditions). This can save you significant money over time as the discount is on-going and not a ‘1 year gimme’; most people need to insure and cannot risk self-insure to avoid the risk of potential financial disaster, at an already stressful time. I look forward discussing how I can work that in with your financial plan. I have varying levels of discounting I can offer, depending on who the insurer is, and which other products are taken through my company.

Can you travel to me?

Yes, I do travel. I can also work remotely over phone, Skype or zoom therefore can service anywhere in NZ and even overseas. If there is any other wonderful technology that you wish to meet over, I can try to work in with that too! I’m based in Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa. Sometimes I will suggest coming to see me, as I have all my ‘tools’ of the trade set up here, however it’s always up for discussion.

Are your systems and processes easy for me?

I have advanced CRM software where in typical terms, I will send you a link to complete some initial information around your personal details and funding requirements. You can easily complete this online and upload supporting information that the banks require. From there I complete your application and send away for approval. During that process we will naturally liaise on what bank or banks we should approach and everything in between. I try to make things as seamless as possible. Using a broker such as myself gives you the added advantage of not needing to complete separate application for different banks.

Do you do pre-approvals?

Yes, I do. However, in some cases the banks may not be able to offer a formal pre-approval if borrowing over 80% of the property value. As I have access to all the main banks (and some smaller ones) I can make enquiries if need be, to save you doing the running around.

Why shouldn’t I just buy insurance online?

Apart from the risks like potentially not having fully underwritten cover so you know your policy with respond (pay) at claim time, insurance is a mine-field, and wouldn’t you rather obtain advice for the same cost? Generally buying online is not cheaper – in fact, as per previous comments on this website I can negotiate a discounted policy with you if you are completing finance with me as well (subject to conditions). Even if it was cheaper who is going to be there at claim time at no extra cost? A good adviser will help you though your claim process and be there for you when it counts.

Why would I do my insurance through you as you don’t ‘specialise’ in insurance?

I have been involved in providing insurance through banks for over a decade. I now do this independently. As you may have read on this website I can package up a discount if I am assisting with at least your finance as well (subject to conditions). My philosophy is to be a ‘one-stop shop’ where possible, although we can work on any products you wish to. I have agencies with many different reputable insurers and my ambition is to always provide the best advice and implement cover to meet your needs and not over or under insuring your risk requirements. Read more here.

Is RSFA a licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP)?

Yes, RSFA holds a transitional license as a Financial Advice Provider. All Advisers are Financial Advisers (FAs) belonging to RSFA’s license.

RSFA’s Financial Service Provider number is: FSP709511