Real advice, in really easy to understand terms


We work for you, not the banks. We do have strong and established relationships with the banks though, which is important in our ability to assist you. Our ambition is always to secure you the best terms possible; whether than be with your existing provider, or looking to the market.

It is not unusual to think that due to banks paying advisers (aka brokers), they can afford to offer you a better deal if you approach them directly – however this is not the case. We deal with the negotiation of interest rates and incentives on a regular basis and therefore know what represents a good deal on any given day. We do not receive a salary from the bank, and therefore we only present a cost to them by way of commission payments for successful placements, and therefore a different cost model than paying bank employees.

Suffice to say, we are motivated to ensure we have happy clients as our livelihoods depend on our clients doing business with us.

We do not generally charge for main bank applications and some non-bank applications. We will advise as soon as practical upon your engagement with us whether there are fees to consider. Please see our online disclosure for further information or contact one of our friendly advisers.

Yes, we can come to you if you live in Auckland, Tauranga, or Christchurch. If you live within an hour of these cities, we can generally visit you if you require an in-person meeting. We of course can work remotely, even if you live in a city we are based.

We service anywhere in NZ and even overseas if your application meets our scope of services offered.

Yes, we do. However, in some cases the banks may not be able to offer a formal pre-approval if borrowing over 80% of the property value. As we have access to all the main banks (and some smaller ones), as well as non-main stream lenders, we can make enquiries to save you doing the running around.

Yes, RSFA is proud to have been granted a full Financial Service Providers (FAP) licence in 2022. All advisers on this site are Financial Advisers (FAs) belonging to RSFA’s licence. RSFA’s Financial Service Provider number is FSP709511.

As you will read on this site, in 2022, we won awards as one of NZ’s fastest growing brokerages while only months previous achieving awards for two of our young advisers winning Rising Stars awards for their mortgage settlements. We are an expanding and multi-modality advice brokerage/advisory that takes financial advice very seriously, and we look to provide real advice in really easy to understand terms.

Our director Rod Schubert has been in the industry for over 21 years, and we take pride in the experience and client-centred focus within our boutique company structure.

There are very real and material risks of non-fully underwritten policies. Knowing your policy will respond (pay) at claim time is key; insurance is a minefield to navigate and as a starting point, we recommend only fully underwritten policies unless there is no path to this, which is very rare. We feel it is as simple as this: at the same price as buying online, we can provide advice at no cost in most instances. The insurers pay us commission for successful placements. Because we can shop around and also negotiate loadings/exclusions with the insurer on your behalf, there is a better chance at a successful outcome than the DIY route as well.

Also to add, we will handle your private insurance claims if you are a client that has purchased a policy through RSFA.